The Phases of Pool Construction


Gunite pools offer more design flexibility and aesthetic quality; using a form of concrete that can be formed into nearly any shape.

Phase 1: Proposal & Contract

Average Duration

5-10 Days 

The process begins with meeting with our pool contractor. We will collect dimensions and create a proposal based on your preferences, budget, and vision. Once the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the homeowner, a more itemized proposal of what and how much the service will cost. Our pool designer will then create a three-dimensional (3D) illistration of every feature and detail of your backyard. 

Phase 2: Engineering Review and Approval

Average Duration

3-6 Weeks

As we are preparing project plans we will review details of avaliable space, terrain, sun exposure, and safety. By drafting architectural plans, then submit them to the engineering department for strutural engineering. Once approved we will submit the plans to the planning deparment for the permitting process. 

Phase 3: Permitting 

Average Duration

4-6 Weeks

The plans will be submitted to the local city or county permit office. Once approved, work can begin. 

The pool plans must comply with state and local building requirements as well as your HOA (if applicable). 

Phase 4: Pool Layout

Average Duration:

1 day

We will lay out the entire pool, that will serve as a stencil for the shape, size, and location of your pool for excavation. It's the customers opportunity to make any changes to the design plan before excavation takes place.

Phase 5: Pre- Lien

Average Duration:


You will be recieving a preliminary pre-lien notice.


This is required by law for every project. This is NOT a lien, just a notice of your rights and the contractors involved within your project. 

Phase 6: Porta Potty Order

Average Duration:


To eliminate the need for our employees to leave the site. We will require a portal potty be made avaliable to them. According to OSHA's 29 CFR 1926.51, "lavatories shall be made avaliable in all places of employment." 

Heavy construction equipment and technicians will be in and out of the jobsite, for the next 6-10 weeks. 

Phase 7: Excavation

Average Duration:

1- 2 Days

Pool construction requires a large amount of coordination done behind the scenes of every stage of the pool process. A crew will come in with heavy equipment and excavate the pool to the engineering specifications. The amount you pay for your excavation is based on the pool size, depth and soil hardness. 

Phase 8: Rebar & Plumbing

Average Duration:

2 Days

Rebar is the steel reinforcement structure for the shell of the pool to give it added strength. Rebar is placed horizonitally and vertically specifically engineered for your pool design requirements.  Plumbing lines will be routed from the pool to the equipment pad location. All equipment and piping are the correct size to combine water clarity and energy concervation.  

Phase 9: Underground Gas & Electrical Instillation

Average Duration:

1- 2 Days

Technicians will trench and Plumbers and Electricians will install gas lines and electrical conduits from the main panel and meter box to the equipment and all locations specified in the plans.

Phase 10: Inspection

Average Duration:

2-5 Days

Upon completion of the eletrical stage your pool will typically undergo an inspection. This is the first of two or more city or county inspections. Scheduling can be difficult and can also affect the timeline.  

Phase 11: Gunite

Average Duration:

8-9 Days

Gunite will be shot through a high pressure hose to create the shell of your new pool. Upon completion, it is required that the homeowner lightly water the concrete 3-4 times per day to allow the concrete to cure slowly. Your pool contractor will then typically wait an additional 5-7 days before they begin the next step.  

Phase 12: Tile & Coping

Average Duration:

5-10 Days

The contractor will bring in tile installers once the tile has been delivered to the residence home to install. 

Phase 13: Decking & Hardscape

Average Duration:

5- 7 Days

The contractor will bring in decking installation experts. Popular choices of natural stone pavers such as flagstone or travertine. 

Your pool contractor will install a concrete subbstrate foundation and inset the stone with sand for stability. 

Phase 14: Equipment Installation

Average Duration:

1-5 Days

The equipment for each pool is designed to give it the best circulation and filtration for crystal clear water and easy maintenance. 

Phase 15: Plaster & Startup

Average Duration:

5 Days

Plasterers will arrive and pump plaster into the pool and hand trawl to create a smooth surface. After the plaster process is done, fillling up the swimming pool may take up to 2 full days and nights. 

Note: Grout plaster "aggregated" (pebbles, stones, and other substances) sustain the life of the pool plaster more than a plain color.


After years of pool and construction experience, our accredited construction teams have quite literally done it all - with a commitment to quality and safety. From landscape formations providing privacy to cascading waterfalls masking area noise, every pool feature will be built with excellence. And market-leading technology will make managing your pool as easy as pressing a button on your phone.

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